APLab design and build hi-tech devices in the domains of sport technology and mechatronics. Each part of our products, from mechanics to electronics to software, is customised to meet the client's needs. Because if what you do is unique, the technology you use must be unique too.



Tech articles

21.12.2018 Bonaiuto Sensors

A Pilot Study on the e-Kayak System: A Wireless DAQ Suited for Performance Analysis in Flatwater Sprint Kayaks Bonaiuto et al.

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21.12.2018 Bonaiuto WSN

A Multiprotocol Wireless Sensor Network for High Performance Sport Applications Bonaiuto et al.

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19.05.2018 KZ+ ISEA 2018

A New Device for Propulsion Analysis in Swimming Nunzio Lanotte, Giuseppe Annino, Stefano Bifaretti, Giorgio Gatta, Cristian Romagnoli, Alessandro Salvucci and Vincenzo Bonaiuto.

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