16.03.2020 A very special Olfactometer

Recently we received a call from a european university.

We would like to buy your olfactometer, they said, but for our experiments we need a few customisations:

- First, we need to provide two odorants at the same time, instead of one.

- Furthermore, we need to interface the machine to E-prime, a special software for behavioural research.

Do you think you can modify your system for us?

Sure we can, was the answer. This is the kind of challenges we love the most.

So we messed around a bit with the valves, redesigned our manifolds, modified the software interface and came out with a tailor-made Olfactometer.

Our customer was very happy, and the good thing is that these features are now available for everybody.

Now this is what we call custom-made technology.









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