11.06.2014 Gustometer-Olfactometer

Here at APLab we usually don't build machines designed by someone else. But Dr. Dwight Hector isn't just someone else; he's one of the US most brilliant engineers. Dr. Hector has graciously given us a licence for producing and selling these machines in Europe. The gustometer and the olfactometer are two devices designed for scientific research in the fields of taste and smell. They dispense liquids and odorants as stimuli to a subject, whose reaction is acquired and analysed by EEG or fMRI machines. 


The erogation is controlled by a PC via a graphic user interface. The researcher creates a sequence then uploads it to the machine and starts the test. The Gustometer has 5 channels, the Olfactometer 8 channels, each with one subchannel for clean air and one for the odorant. A TTL trigger exports the signal of the sequence for synchronisation with the EEG or fMRI device.


Gustometer and Olfactometer are entirely built in Italy by APLab and its partner MET Fibre Ottiche. They can be customised to meet the needs of the user.

Gustometer control interface







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