19.01.2015 Smart and smarter

At the end of the day, our customers are the real experts about our machines. Some have used them for years, written PhD thesis with them, so no wonder if they get to know these devices even better than ourselves.

That's why when our customers come out with ideas to improve our products, we listen.

For instance, we have recently added a red led to help synchronisation with BioMovie Speed, but a german coach rightly observed that if you are taking underwater videos, the led under the reel won't help.

Therefore we added a second led at the tip of a long underwater cable.

A customer from the US, who's a keen fisherman, replaced our standard wire with a special yellow line, whose stiffness reduces vibrations giving a cleaner signal. It looks great, too. Now we mount the yellow line on all new Speed RT.

So we have better products, happier customers, and someone else doing design work for us. Now that's really smart!






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