05.12.2012 Speed RT 2013

We are very proud of Speed 2013. It's not just the best velocity meter we have ever made but, we believe, the best  you can find in the marketplace. While principle behind it it's relatively simple, it takes a lot of attention to details to build an instrument that is accurate, robust, reliable (and stylish!).


  1) We only use the best stainless steel plates and fasteners, so you have an instrument that will stay shiny for many many years.

2) The encoder has washproof seals on the shaft and the cable. Its resolution of 2000 ipr can capture a displacement of about 0,1mm. 

3) The USB connector and cables are IP68 protected, the ball bearings are shielded, the led and digital connector are waterproof. Because in a swimmingpool, water happens.

  4) The powerful Arduino Nano microcontroller guarantees extreme accuracy in the acquisition loop. And it's USB-powered, so no external power supply. Speed RT and your PC is all you need.  

  5) A led switches on when the acquisition starts, and off when it ends, so synchronisation with a video for analysis with programmes like Dartfish or Kinovea becomes very simple. An external connector sends out a digital output for synchronisation with such devices as a force platform, a DAQ system etc.

6) It took us a few thousand man-hours during these years to build a software that has all the features you need: real time visualisation, curves superposition, analysis, FFT, filters, calibration, export to Excel,  etc. A hard work for us, life made easier for you. 





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