29.04.2013 Speed RT+BioMovie=success

There's a new tool for biomechanical analysis of swimming: the Speed suite. APLab and Infolabmedia have teamed up to create an innovative combination of hardware and software. It includes:

1) Speed RT, the most advanced velocity meter available on the market. The newest version of Speed RT includes a led for video synchronisation, external trigger and one-click export of data in a format compatible with both Excel and BioMovie

2) BioMovie Speed, a special version of BioMovie, one of the most advanced and complete tools for biomechanical analysis. BioMovie Speed is expressely designed for swimming and for integration with Speed RT.

With Speed RT, coaches and rersearchers can measure the kinematic parameters of the main phases of swimming: start, glide, turn, stroke, kick. The measured data can be imported into BioMovie and synchronised to videos. Biomovie can also calculate such relevant parameters as distances, angles, flight times, trajectory of the COG (see video). 

And now the best part: believe it or not, until the end of 2013 you can buy the Speed suite for the same price as Speed RT alone (or, if already have Speed, you can buy BioMovie Speed alone).

The Speed suite is available in Italian and in English




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