28.02.2013 The meaning of custom made technology

Here at APLab we are always more than happy to boast about our custom made technology. But what does it exactly mean? Here's three examples

1) One of our  customers had a DAQ system he wasn't happy with, so they ordered a new one from us. They had a whole lot of sensors from the old system (load cells, EMG cables, encoders etc.) they didn' want to buy again. So we designed the system with the same connectors and conditioning circuits as the old one, and they kept all their hardware, saving thousands of Euros.

2) Another customer had to write his PhD thesis about the activation of muscles in cycling, so he needed to synchronise the EMG signals with the crank angle of the ergometer. We built for him a mechanical interface (see pic. above) connecting the cycle ergometer to the rotary encoder of the APLab DAQ system.

3) A third customer had several dynamometric systems, and he wanted to integrate the results of all the test coming from these systems into a single database to perform statistical analysis and comparisons. We created for him a software program that reads files from all the systems, stores them in a DB with a graphic interface for data search and produce customised reports.

So custom made technology means saving money, doing special tasks and integrating different legacy systems.



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