29.04.2022 The rise of e-canoe

As you probably know, e-kayak is the most advanced data logger for kayak available on the market. But here at APLab we don't like to rest on laurels.

Olympic canoeing features not just kayaks, but also canoes, and so far there was no commercially available instrumented canoe paddle.

That's why we decided to build one. It took us some extra ingenuity to place the electronics and the antenna, but we are not easily scared by technological challenges.

The paddle is the product of  a partnership with italian paddle producer WaveDesign (more about this in the next weeks).

The paddle is fully compatible with the e-kayak environment, so you can measure speed, distance, accelerations and angular velocities, as well as the force on the paddle, on a single timescale.

As always, with e-kayak analysis tool, you can compute the stroke rate, split time, average speed etc.

Ready to take your canoeing to the next level?





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