Nunzio Lanotte graduated in Mechanical Engineering (specialised in Robotics) in Rome, then received an MBA at ESCP-EAP in Oxford and Paris. He has worked in the domain of subsea and space robotics and simulations. For more than 20 years has practised Modern Pentathlon at competition level. In APLab he does project management, mechanical design and software development.

Paolo Boatto  graduated in Mechanical Engineering in Rome, where he also obtained a PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. He has worked in the electronics, defence and biomedical industry. He has been an international level athlete in Modern Pentathlon. Paolo is in charge of R&D, electronic design and firmware development.

  Sophie Lem graduated in Law  at Université Sorbonne Panthéon and in Political Science at Institut d'Etudes Politiques (SciencesPo), both in Paris. She has worked in the music and media industry. In APLab she is involved in administration and organisation, and in website maintenance.


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