Ben hur

BEN HUR DIGITAL (also available in the LIGHT version) is a machine for training swimmers and measuring their force and speed. It is composed of a low-voltage (24 V) DC motor and a drum around which a nylon thread is rolled up. The swimmer is harnessed at one end of the thread. Motor and drum are connected by a chain transmission. All this is caged into a stainless steel frame, to be put by the pool. DC motor can work both as an engine and as a brake. In the first case (assisted swimming) it pulls the swimmer, in the second case (resisted training) it resists to the swimmer advancing in water. In both cases it can be controlled in force and speed, allowing a wide range of training and measurements. Force and speed control and data acquisition are managed by the user via a graphic interface on a netbook PC. The machine is provided with mechanical and electrical safety devices, ensuring maximum safety to the user.

BEN HUR DIGITAL allows users to carry out special training for force and sensitivity, and to accurately measure the athlete's force and hydrodynamical resistance (passive and active drag). On demand, the machine can be caged in a custom-designed start post. The machine is IP 55 waterproof, and can be used by a non-expert operator.
BEN HUR DIGITAL has been fully computer-designed and built by APLab, in close cooperation with the Italian Swimming Federation (FIN).





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