E-kayak is a data acquisition system for kayak and canoe.

E-kayak takes training and race analysis to the next level.

The system is composed of a control unit, up to 8 instrumented nodes (4 paddles and 4 footrests) and a software program for data visualisation and analysis.

The e-kayak system

The control unit contains a high frequency (20 Hz) GPS receiver with high gain external antenna, a triaxial accelerometer and a triaxial gyroscope. These sensors measure with high accuracy the distance, speed, acceleration and attitude (roll, pitch, yaw speed).

The great innovation of e-kayak are the instrumented paddles and footrests with wireless connection. They measure the force applied by the athlete with great accuracy, thanks to a conditioned  full bridge of strain gauges, and send the data to the control unit at a frequency of 100 Hz.


Instrumented paddle: detail of a strain gauge and of the PCB



Instrumented footrest: front and back


The system has over 2 hours of autonomy, thanks to its LiPo battery and 8 GB onboard memory.

Acquired data can be downloaded via wifi and visualised on a powerful proprietary software tool.

Wireless data download



 Data visualisation and race analysis


Acquired data can be exported to Excel, Google Earth or BioMovie


Data visualisation on Google Earth e  data-video synchronisation on BioMovie


Like all APLab systems, e-kayak can be customised to meet  customer's requirements. Sensors can be mounted on customer's own paddle and footrest.

Download e-kayak  datasheet .

See here a detailed descrition of the system.







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