E-kayak Is a portable Data Logger designed for race kayaks but easy to configure for other sports such as rowing, sailing etc.

It includes a high frequency (10Hz) GPS receiver, a 6DoF IMU (3 accelerometers, 3 Gyroscopes) and two conditioned force channels for paddle and footbrace.

It is very easy to use. With its 4GB on-board memory and LiPo batteries  it can acquire and store up to 3 hrs of data  (sampling frequency: 50Hz),

After wireless download, data can be visualised with a powerful software tool. All significant parameters (speed, stroke frequency, distance, accelerations etc) can be analysed with respect to time and space intervals defined by the user and exported to excel for further analysis.

Like all APLab systems, e-kayak can be hardware and software customised according to the needs of each athlete and coach.




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