KZ+, aka the Pressure meter, is a patented equipment to measure pressure on the hands of the athlete during swimming.

It is composed by special nylon hand paddles and a data acquisition unit at the athlete's waist. The unit contains a 3-axis  accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope.


The athlete is free from any external constraint and swims freely in all four styles. Pressure on his hands, accelerations and angular velocities are measured and stored in the acquisition unit. At the end of the acquisition data are downloaded to PC via WiFi and visualised with a proprietary software.

KZ+ can measure with unprecedented accuracy the swimmer's force in water, the difference in push between left and right arm, the quality of the stroke and many other significant parameters. 

Data acquired form KZ+ can be imported into BioMovie, a powerful video analysis software, and synchronised to a video.

Image courtesy of The Race Club, USA



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