Speed RT Velocity meter

SPEED Real Time (RT) is the most advanced velocity meter for swimming and sports applications available on the market. The device is composed of a small winch with an encoder that can be placed on the starting post, an electronic acquisition unit and a special software programme to visualise data on a PC.

Every phase of the action can be analysed: start, impact with water, underwater phase, stroke, tumbleturn.

SPEED RT is connected directly to PC via USB port. It needs no external power supply or batteries. Data acquisition is controlled by a graphical user interface on PC. Acquired data are visualised in real time on the screen.

The coach can thus evaluate the technique's efficiency and correct it. Charts can be printed and stored; multiple visualisation allows comparison between different athletes, or between different tests on the same athlete. Charts can be synchronised with videos on the post processing software tool. Created for swimming, SPEED RT can also be used for sprinters, football players etc.

SPEED RT + BioMovie Speed

BioMovie Speed is a special version of BioMovie, one of the most complete and powerful biomechanical analysis tools available on the market.

Developed by InfoLabMedia in partnership with APLab, BioMovie Speed can measure all the main parameters of each phase of swimming.

It has all the features you need to perform a complete analysis of such phases as start, turn, glide.

You can measure distances, angles, time intervals, follow trajectories, compare two videos...

Best of all, you can import data acquired with Speed RT and synchronise them to a video.

You can download a 15 days trial version of BioMovie Speed HERE. A sample video is available  HERE.





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